• Smart Incontinence Management means SIM™

  • SIM™ is the first step to better continence management

  • SIM™ is a 21st Century tool for care providers focused on highest quality care

  • SIM™ assessment takes out the guesswork

Simavita is a company established to deliver innovative continence management solutions for our customers, developed in ethical collaboration with healthcare professionals, providing a richer quality of life for older people, improving dignity and grace.

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Smart Incontinence Management (SIM™)

SIM™ is the world’s first instrumented urinary incontinence assessment tool that can detect multiple incontinent episodes during an assessment period. This tool enables accurate and reliable data to be collected during a continence assessment that assist clinicians in developing personalised continence care.

Investor Information

Simavita released its 2014 Annual Report on November 18, 2014.

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